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Items for sale:

Tips, Tricks and Stunts DVD (for magicians only)

Routines, gags, and ideas for the creative magician. This DVD includes sleights with coins, cards, and knives. There are hat moves, cane moves, and as a bonus, you get Kaplans lecture notes -- "Who, What, Why (and HOW you can make it better), a magical entertainer's guide to character and creativity in PDF format. This 50 minute DVD also contains live performance footage from the world famous Magic Castle.

U.S. and Canada $25 USD (postpaid)

overseas $30 USD (postpaid)




Shoe Card gimmick (for magicians only)

Special utility card for an impromptu miracle! This specially made gimmick can be used to perform a killer version of the card in the shoe - anytime, anywhere! (comes in red Bicycle back).

U.S. and Canada $7 USD (postpaid)

overseas $8 USD (postpaid)




Great Kaplan Poster

(coming soon )